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C A K E   H O M E
UI / UX, Design, Development
Cake Home is the most popular chain of confectionery and coffee shops in Irkutsk. More than 40 types of cakes and desserts, many of which are familiar to everyone from childhood.
Our solution
The main task of the online store was to find a modern solution for synchronizing production, coffee shops and the site itself, so that customers could buy a cake from the availability, using bonus points, and get fast delivery.
Home Page
The solution was to synchronize the site with the "Iiko" system to get up-to-date data. The site has a modern design style, a convenient user interface based on 1C Bitrix.
Product card / Cart
About company
The launch of the project allowed you to order your favorite cakes from the comfort of your home, thereby increasing the company's revenue through online sales.
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