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Case study on the development of an online store for a chain of confectionery stores
Case study on the development of an online store for a chain of confectionery stores
Time spent:
60 working days
500 000 RUB
About the project
Cake Home is the most popular chain of confectionery and coffee shops in Irkutsk. For more than 20 years, the company has been pleasing Irkutsk residents with its cakes and other delicacies. The brand is well-known and recognizable in the city. The assortment includes more than 40 types of cakes and desserts, familiar and beloved to everyone since childhood. In 2020, the company decided to launch its own online store so that customers could order the brand's products without leaving home.
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The purpose of creating a website
Development of a beautiful and convenient online store, where synchronization between the site, production and coffee shops would be ideally thought out and adjusted. It is important that customers can purchase products from the availability, using the bonus points of the loyalty program, as well as get fast delivery.
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About company
Website development tasks
  • ― synchronization of production, retail points of sale and the site;
  • ― optimization of business processes;
  • ― increase in sales;
  • ― maintaining the customer base, accounting and sales statistics;
  • ― increase brand loyalty.
Our solution
Creating an online store with a modern design and a thoughtful user interface. The site is made on the 1C-Bitrix platform, and is also synchronized with the site synchronization system with the iiko system to get up-to-date data from production.
What was done:
  • ― a modern design has been developed, which we present the brand's products from the most favorable side;
  • ― an intuitive interface has been thought out, allowing users to quickly purchase the desired product;
  • ― the history of the company is told in detail-from the moment of its foundation to the present day;
  • ― work has been done to adapt to all types of devices and cross-browser layout;
  • ― integration with the iiko system for synchronization of production and the site;
  • ― we have set up a customer loyalty system inside the site's admin panel so that they can pay for the order using bonus points.

In 3 months, we have developed a beautiful, convenient and functional online store, whose work is fully synchronized with production and offline sales points. We have also fully configured the user's personal account, where he can view the order history and see how many bonus rubles are on the account. The launch of the project allowed fans of the brand to order their favorite cakes and treats without leaving home. In addition, the launch of the online store increased the company's revenue by 40% due to online sales.

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