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A case study on the development of a website for a company engaged in the repair and construction of roads

Corporate website for strengthening the company's image: what "clothes" are now used to meet the organization
Time spent:
60 working days
300 000 RUB
About project
Stroyproektservice is a subsidiary of Profi company specializing in construction and installation works. This is mainly the construction and repair of highways, railways, engineering communications. The Stroyproektservice company has been operating since 2007. Stroyproektservice has established itself as a reliable and profitable partner, so it is important to highlight many years of experience and professionalism as key advantages.
The purpose of creating a website
Development of a modern and convenient corporate website that tells detailed information about the company, its employees, implemented projects. This is an image site, the main task of which is to tell a wide range of people about the company.
Home Page
Website development tasks
  • ― increase brand awareness;
  • ― strengthening of positions in the market;
  • ― attracting new partners;
  • ― increase in the company's turnover due to new projects;
  • ― a presentable demonstration of completed projects.
Activities / Projects
About the company
Our solution
Creating a corporate website that tells in detail about the company's activities, management and employees, demonstrates examples of work, and also shows the number of working equipment on specific road sections in real time.
Creating a modern online store based on 1C "Bitrix" with a premium design and a user-friendly interface. Promotion of the project to the international market.
What was done:
  • ― a modern design has been developed that emphasizes the professionalism and experience of the company as much as possible;
  • ― an intuitive interface has been thought out, allowing you to easily and quickly find the necessary information;
  • ― detailed information about the company and its areas of activity is registered;
  • ― the company's history is told, and the management is not ignored;
  • ― animation is implemented on the site, which provides deeper user involvement and creates a close interaction with the site;
  • ― work has been done to adapt to all types of devices and cross-browser layout.
Working in a company / Training center
In 2 months, we have developed a new website, filled it with information and prepared it for further promotion. The customer received a modern and convenient website that will strengthen the company's image as a reliable and professional contractor for the construction and repair of roads.
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