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Case study on the development of the Mer De Parfums online store

Unlimited selection of world-famous brands for sophisticated users
Time spent:
50 working days
600 000 RUB
About the project
Mer De Parfums is a niche perfume and cosmetics project created jointly with leading manufacturers of selective perfumes from around the world. The company's catalog contains the best niche brands of perfumes, care and home accessories.
Sophistication, refinement and love for exclusivity-all this unites connoisseurs and followers of Mer De Parfums.
Hoem Page
The purpose of creating a website
Previously, the company did not have its own online store. It is necessary to create a modern and convenient online store that will fully correspond to the aesthetics of the brand, will become a logical continuation of the laid concept and idea. At the same time, it is important that the user can find what he needs quickly in the catalog, and that he does not have any difficulties with placing an order.
Brands / Catalog
About company
Website development tasks
  • ― increase brand awareness;
  • ― profit growth due to online sales;
  • ― optimization of business processes;
  • ― accounting, customer base.
Product Card / Basket
Our solution
Creating a modern and convenient online store on the 1C-Bitrix platform with an intuitive interface and stylish design.
What was done:
  • ― the website design has been developed, which serves as a logical continuation of the Mer De Parfums brand concept and at the same time reflects the premium quality of the products;
  • ― the user interface is well thought out – you can easily and quickly find what you need, and then purchase it;
  • ― selected images that are targeted at the target audience and attract attention to the flavors presented in the catalog;
  • ― a convenient catalog of products has been developed, broken down into categories and product lines of funds;
  • ― the product card has been worked out – it is told in detail about each fragrance, its composition, mood;
  • ― work has been done to adapt to all types of devices and cross-browser layout, so that the site is displayed equally well everywhere.
Internal pages
After 2 months, we launched a website that fully meets the customer's requirements, as well as 100% meets the needs of representatives of the target audience. The design of the site reflects the premium quality of products, its limitation and exclusivity.

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