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L A   P R E M I E R E

A case study on the development of an online store of niche cosmetics and perfumes

An impressive selection of world famous brands for the discerning shopper in a premium website design
Time spent:
80 working days
500 000 RUB.
About the project
La Premiere is a niche cosmetics and perfumery company. For more than 3 years, La Premiere has been working and developing to meet the needs of hundreds and thousands of fans and lovers of exquisite unique fragrances and luxury cosmetics. The catalog contains more than 100 well-known world brands. Anyone, even the most sophisticated buyer, will find a way to look perfect.
La Premiere brings together people with refined taste, young, ambitious, stylish, who value their time. The main component of the La Premiere brand philosophy is an individual approach to each client and strict adherence to trends.
Purpose of website creation
Development of a modern and convenient online store, the design of which will emphasize the premium quality of products. In this case, an online store is not just an online sales tool. It is part of the brand, a continuation of its philosophy and principles.
Home Page
Site development tasks
  • ― increase in sales;
  • ― strengthening the brand's position in the market;
  • ― maintaining the client base, sales statistics;
  • ― automation of the company's business processes;
  • ― increasing brand loyalty, increasing awareness.
Catalog / Product card
Our solution
Creation of a modern online store based on 1C Bitrix with premium design and user-friendly interface. Promotion of the project to the international market.
What was done:
  • ― a minimalistic design was developed, in which the main emphasis was placed on the brands being sold;
  • ― thought out an intuitive interface that allows you to easily and quickly find a product and buy it in 3 clicks;
  • ― a convenient and logical directory has been created, where the user will perfectly navigate, even if he has visited the site for the first time;
  • ― selected laconic and "clean" images that fit perfectly into the concept of the brand and emphasize its premium quality;
  • ― the product card has been worked out to the smallest detail - the user can get to know the product well before buying, and can also add it to his favorites;
  • ― the adaptability of the site for all types of devices and cross-browser layout was carried out so that you can place an order without any problems.
As a result, we got a project in a minimalistic modern design, where the main focus is on the brands being marketed. A competent structure, a well-thought-out catalog and an intuitive design allow the user to find and purchase goods in 3 clicks.
After the launch of the website, the company's revenue from online sales increased by 267%. Thanks to SEO optimization, products for key queries appear in the top of Yandex and Google search queries.
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