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Case study on the development of a corporate website for a company engaged in the production and sale of lumber

Logging with responsibility and care for nature
Time spent:
40 рworking days
300 000 RUB
About the project
ExportLes is a logging company engaged in the production and sale of lumber, as well as being a tenant of its own forest plantations. The main specialization is Siberian pine and larch. We have more than 25 years of logging and production behind us.
The company has passed the FSC certification, which is an indicator of a responsible attitude to forests. One of the main requirements for certification is the continuity of the supply chain-from the forest to the consumer. This makes it possible to exclude the ingress of wood of unknown origin, including illegal, into the chain.
Home Page

The purpose of creating a website
Create a modern and convenient website that would have a positive impact on brand awareness and would become a continuation of the company's image. It is important to tell about the products sold, the history of the company and employees.
Catalog / Product card
About company
Website development tasks
  • ― show the nomenclature of manufactured products;
  • ― tell a wide range of people about the company;
  • ― sales of the company's products and their popularization;
  • ― increase brand awareness;
  • ― search for new partners.
What was done:
  • ― the company's branding was developed – we created a logo in the form of a Christmas tree and a house, and also decorated all the elements of the company's corporate style, filling it with new colors;
  • ― a bright and memorable website design has been created, which embodies responsible consumption of natural resources and their replenishment;
  • ― it is told in detail about the company – history, resources, perhaps, and, of course, people;
  • ― work has been done to adapt to all types of devices and cross-browser layout to attract additional traffic;
  • ― the product catalog and product card have been thought out.
Cooperation / Vacancies
We have received a convenient, modern and recognizable website. The detailed work on the company's branding helped us in this, among other things. All the tasks were solved, and the goal was achieved. The set goals were achieved. Accurate formulation of wishes, customer feedback, as well as a constructive dialogue when discussing nuances and emerging issues helped in the successful implementation of the project.

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