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UI / UX, Design, Developement
Development of an image website of a hotel on the shore of Lake Baikal with the possibility of booking a room. The site provides a description of the services provided and a variety of tours.
Our solution
The task was to redesign an outdated website for a new and modern project that would attract guests from the Central part of Russia and Europe. The family-run hotel is located on the shore of Lake Baikal with a rich infrastructure offered for tourists, 6 author's tours and a park of equipment. Minimalism and simplicity in the design of the site was the main vector.
Home Page
The clean energy of the lake, the uniqueness of natural places and comfortable accommodation.
Hotel rooms / Family room
About hotel
The Belosnezhka Hotel is located on the southern shore of Lake Baikal in the place where the mountain river Snezhnaya flows into Lake Baikal.
Services / Tours
Tours, special offers and a restaurant of Siberian cuisine, on which a special emphasis was placed!
Specials / Services

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