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Case study on the development of an online store for a company engaged in the sale of cash registers
A powerful tool for increasing sales of cash registers in Moscow and the region under conditions of high competition
Time spent:
70 working days
600 000 RUB
About the project
The ASF Group of Companies has been engaged in the sale of commercial and technological equipment, as well as business automation for more than 25 years. The main advantage is an integrated approach to the installation of cash registers. ASF is able to select or develop optimal solutions from scratch, even for the most non-standard business tasks.
The company has 10 representative offices in different regions of the country. We have more than 3,500 automated objects under our belt. At the moment, the company has focused on the sale of online cash registers under FZ-54.
Home Page
The purpose of creating a website
The company previously had a website on the WordPress platform, but it did not bring sales and the entire advertising budget was wasted. It is necessary to develop a new online store that would become the leader in sales of cash registers in Moscow and the Moscow region.
Categories / Catalog
About company
Website development tasks
  • ― increase in profit due to online sales;
  • ― optimization of business processes;
  • ― maintaining the customer base, accounting and sales statistics;
  • ― increase brand loyalty.
Automation / Labeling of goods
Our solution
Creating an online store with a modern, bright and memorable design, a well-thought-out user interface and a convenient menu that remains on every page and helps you quickly find and go to the desired section. The site is made on the 1C-Bitrix platform.
What was done:
  • ― a modern design has been developed that is remembered by users and is not overloaded with elements;
  • ― an intuitive interface has been thought out, allowing users to quickly purchase the desired product;
  • ― a simple and clear catalog has been created that allows you to easily and quickly find the right category of products;
  • ― the product card is carefully worked out – the product characteristics are immediately visible, as well as trade offers are configured (purchase of kits);
  • ― the history of the company is told in detail-from the moment of its foundation to the present day;
  • ― added a section of services that the company provides in addition to selling equipment;
  • ― work has been done to adapt to all types of devices and cross-browser layout.

In 2.5 months, we have created not just a website, but a real business tool for attracting new customers. The developed marketing campaign showed a successful start of the project amid high competition in the market of manufacturers and distribution of cash register equipment. In addition, the development of a new website has had a positive impact on brand awareness and an increase in the number of mentions.

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